Petroleum, C-Store/Grocery

A beautiful pit stop – inside and out.

In an effort to make quick serve more inviting to customers, RaceTrac engaged MDI Worldwide to rethink interior displays for their new store design. Our goals were multi-fold: re-imagine the food-to-go court; create an immersive brand experience; build in flexibility for menu boards and merchandising areas; and conceal wires and cables for a cleaner look.

MDI Worldwide designed and produced custom LED signs to draw attention to key areas of their store – the playfully illuminated Swirl World header for the frozen yogurt section, the lit Beer Cave sign hanging over the glass door to the refrigerated beer room, and an illuminated Fountain Drinks sign to affix to the soda machine. We then created large, double-sided menu boards promoting the roller grill selections and smaller countertop menu boards for their bakery and deli cases. The finishing touches for their c-stores were the metallic custom columns engineered to conceal the wires and cables throughout their stores. The interior redesign provided RaceTrac a combination of elevated customer experience, simplicity for updates, and an environment that presented quick serve in a whole new way.

But, we didn’t stop there. The exterior also needed to be brought up to speed. Our engineers designed a series of signs to invite customers from the pump into the store. We created inverted pump toppers for weekly promotions, domed signs that affix to the brick columns for monthly promotions, signs to advertise the sale of firewood, and A-frame signs outside the entryway to welcome customers into the store.

The external signage coupled with the interior redesign provides a seamless, exciting, and engaging customer experience like no other. The external signs coax the customers through the doors, and what they discover from there is their new favorite pit stop. Convenient, classy, and customized. Inside and Out

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