Displaying a legend.

It’s the digital age, and digital media resonates with today’s customers. It’s dynamic, it’s exciting, and it’s fresh.

MDI Worldwide created three digital displays for Levi's - an informational kiosk to house a barcode reader, a stand-up touch screen encasement for easy comparison between pant styles, and a large wooden merchandise cube housing a monitor. These displays, stationed in the Levi's section of Macy's were created using on-brand materials such as rough wood and dark metallic finishes, producing a store-within-a-store experience that gave prominence to the Levi’s brand.

Results? A distinct, authentic space where customers feel a connection to the brand. By facilitating interaction and dynamic messaging, MDI Worldwide wove dimension into the retail environment. We did more than create digital displays for Levi's. We expanded the Levi's experience

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