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Custom Interactive Displays - 1

With MDI, take your in-store customer experience to the next degree.

Our unique 7º Engagement strategy works to create custom interactive displays that invite customers to experience your products. A customer can approach your display, pick up a product, and get pulled into a product-specific experience based on our 7 building blocks:

  1. messaging to promote product benefits
  2. high-resolution video to feature product demonstrations, detailed information, special incentives, and lifestyle imagery, plus specialized lighting to guide the eye toward corresponding products
  3. sound systems with narration and music to establish dynamic auditory surroundings
  4. lift-/place-and-learn technology to inspire in-hand and on-screen interactivity
  5. diffusers with aromas to add a branded atmosphere
  6. data collection to develop analytics about customer preferences and product performance
  7. security devices to allow handling while minimizing misplacement and shrinkage

Our displays can be made to meet your budget, with simple implementation and easily updateable content. The interactivity increases interest, maximizes memory retention, bolsters brand loyalty, and prompts purchases. Additionally, the analytics assist in achieving greater sales and higher ROIs.

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