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Realtime digital engagement.

When AccentHealth, America's leading healthcare media network, decided to develop a digital patient engagement platform, they chose to work with MDI Worldwide. The objective was to create an additional avenue for brand marketers to educate patients when and where it matters most – in the exam room.

Since exam rooms are typically small and time with the doctor is precious, AccentHealth sought efficiency and optimization on all levels. Requirements included interactive screens so patients could actively explore treatment options with their doctor, literature holders to provide take-home materials, and a main poster display that could be changed regularly.

MDI Worldwide achieved all of these demands while creating the Exam Room Display . The ERD is a three-sectioned, wall-mounted display that features a removable iPad/tablet, acrylic brochure holders, and a slide-in poster holder. AccentHealth’s objective and specifications were readily met, and the Exam Room Display is currently improving the efficiency of point-of-care health services throughout the country.

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